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05-06-2022 - Finals
Hey everyone, things have continued to be pretty crazy as of late. Finals are happening and that is really a stressful time. I'm 2 of 3 done already however and have aced both I've taken. So I guess it isn't too bad.. probably just my anxiety about test taking getting the better of me as it usually does! At least I've done well with them! Anyway there's this new store that opened up in the mall near me called Cloud City Games and it's like.. heaven. Tons of old games, D&D minis, cards, etc.. took a visit there the other day and almost left with a demo disc of FFXII.. completely pointless but I thought it was really cool! However we stopped at another like second hand store where they have a free bin out front and we found some AMAZING things! Final Fantasy X on PS2 and Final Fantasy Origins on PS1! They are in rough shape BUT they both work perfectly fine. This was how we discovered our PS2 had finally died though.. had that thing since launch. I was able to test them in my PC with an emulator thankfully.

Then, the same day we went to our local thrift stores and I found a tiny black and white CRT TV.. I mean like.. TINY. It was apparently one of the last black and white CRTs like this ever made so that was awesome. Now I just leave it on my desk running Serial Experiments Lain on repeat.. it is the perfect aesthetic. Aside from some awesome thrift store type finds I started a.. let's say side business? It has been.. SHOCKINGLY successful and while I don't want to say too much about it for.. privacy reasons it has been such a wonderful experience!

Here's a picture of the tiny CRT on my desk!


04-26-2022 - Realizations
It's been an absolutely insane past few days. Major fights and finding new things I like. I've come to the conclusion about how I feel about certain important people in my life and it isn't great. I don't want to go into too much detail here because of privacy reasons. However it's been really eye opening and as depressing as it is, and how hard it has been and will continue to be.. I think it's been a good thing that it all happened. It's made me more driven to complete the things I'm already completing and working towards. So it's not all bad yeah?
Outside of that things haven't been so bad outside of my usual depressive nature. I've discovered definitely a new thing that I love, Dimension 20's tabletop games! I started watching their new show "A Starstruck Odyssey" and it's really entertaining! I've been thoroughly enjoying it. I'm such a sucker for sci fi stuff and honestly need to try to find more. My big sci fi show is Star Trek, specifically Deep Space Nine. I've watched it through about 3 times now, I'm on season 5 of watchthrough 3 and god damn it's just as good, if not better this time through. I wanna watch The Expanse too but don't have Amazon video or whatever the hell it is.
So yeah, things have been extremely up and down.. and fighting depression proves to be harder every day but I'm making it through regardless.

Have a picture of Guppy and Reds cuddling :)


04-23-2022 - Birth!
This is my first and kind of test little blog post here. I hope you enjoy this I don't know what I'm doing here but I kind of like it????? It was a nice day though.. did my homework and cleaned up around the house. Just been watching Hazel and contemplating life. You know the usual for dumb lizards. I also worked more on my bigger bitsy project. It's really start to actually turn into something? Possibly?

Have a picture from a few days ago of guppy. guppyhaunted