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About Me:

Hi I'm rikka! I'm a wannabe game dev, youtuber, and entertainer. I'm pansexual and transgender.

I'm the host of this site and I decided to make this page all about me and stuff. So if you're curious about the girl behind it all.. hi!

I like lizards, rpgs, mmos, mechs, vhs, cassettes, anime, manga, Gundam, Star Trek, Nijisanji, Elder Scrolls (especially argonians), romance, handhelds, retro games, emulation, Sonic, ghosts/cryptids, gba, punk, indie web, and vr.

These are the places you can find me outside of this website, they cover your average social media (I know..) Enjoy! Here is my twitter and youtube.

What is this?

I made this website because I wanted something that anyone anywhere can see and visit. I know that I have major social media platform accounts, but I still absolutely believe in living outside of those. The "small/indie web" if you will. Fuck NFTs and web 3.0.

All of my personal links are stored here, along with my personal blog! Though eventually more will be added to the site.

I also created Night Ride, it is essentially an internet tv station that plays cartoons, anime, movies, memes, and music 24/7! You don't even need to sign in to the website in order to view! Drop in and watch whatever weird content might be on, chat in our chatango chat, and relax with others.